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Has Princess Charlene's due date been announced, or does anyone happen to know when the twins may arrive?... Also since I brought up the twins, I'm curious if The next in line produces twins, who will be king? How do they decide this, especially if it's a c-section? Thank you

royalwatcher answered:

The baby(s) are expected to arrive at the end of the year. The first one to be born will be Prince Sovereign (there are no kings in Monaco). However when the first one is a girl and the second one a boy, the boy will be come first in line to the throne. If it are both girls or both boys, the first one born will become first in line.


And with a c-section there is still one baby that comes before the other so it’s a non-issue.



Look at what we have! Crown Princess Mary and Queen Maxima in the same Valentino outfit! The Crown Princess wore the outfit today for the wedding of Soren Jessen and Flora Montgomery in Northern Ireland. The Queen wearing it to the dinner held by the Prime Minister Stephan Weil of Lower Saxony and Prime Minister Hannelore Kraft of North Rhine-Westphalia when she and the King were visiting Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

Who wore it better?

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The anon is a hater and we all can see that, the hater goes from blog to blog writing the same rot, the best is to ignore because by posting them it just get the person to keep writing. I think the anon is has a real problem. Love you blog and Mary and Frederik.

Thank you :)

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Frederik and Mary were so cold to each other in Greenland. the basic show for the cameras of them standing next to each either but no warmth or laughter between them : (

Everyone is entitled to a bad day - me and my husband argue all the time, but the good thing about us is that no one takes pictures of us and publishes them all over the Internet with comments such as this. We don’t know what is going on, but I really don’t believe they’d leave each other. To me, Mary and Frederik are a symbol of love, and I honestly believe they’ll always be besides each other - for better and for worse.